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Web Site Design: 
We offer low cost web site design. For advanced designs we can assist you in selecting hiring a web site design company.

Hypnotherapy (In English and Spanish): 
Hypnosis being used for vocational and avocational therapy. 
Smoking/drinking cesassion, weight control/loss, fears/phobias, dream therapy, handwriting analysis, etc. For details just click Here: Hypnotherapy

Promotion of Businesses, Models and Talent:  
Cesar International

For the opportunity of being promoted as a model or talent please contact us first by e-mail.  We will ask for your photos, a Model Release Form (please click here to see it)  
and your contact information. 

Please click here to see our Model Release Form 

Please click here to download our Model Release Form in Text format (txt)

You can also submit our Alternative Model Release Form or another release form that is being used in the modeling or talent industry.

For a return call please leave a short message at: CUSAint@ 

Dihomar  Inh. C. Höft  (Sales of parts for glass machinery)
Waldweg 4 D-23869  Elmenhorst, Germany                         
Tel. 0049 - 4532  - 280  443 - Fax 0049 - 4532 - 280 486


Colombian Festivals (Festivales Colombianos c/o Círculo Cultural Colombiano)
6002 Klump Ave. North Hollywood, California 91606.
(818) 752-4956

Bilingual Book About Real Life Jail Stories: 

Windows to Hell
(Ventanas al Infierno)
Provides very sad life stories of jailed people. Very important to give to youth so that the stay away from drugs and crime.

Un libro sobre las vidas de personas que estan en prisión. Muy importante para aconsejar a los jovenes a que se alejen de las drogas y el crimen.

Please order by e-mail at: CUSAint@ or by regular air mail.

Latin American Weddings (San Fernando Valley, California)

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We make basic web sites and use a business partner for advanced web sites and graphic design.

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