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We promote businesses, models, and talent. We provide Classified ads,  and much more.

We have numerous web sites that can be used to promote your business. We provide numerous services such as   video taping and photography, computer related services, and even hypnotherapy. Our headquarters are located in California, U.S.A.

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To contact Us (favor escríbanos a): CUSAint@

You can view the Index Here. One of our home sites is: Aspiring models are encouraged to contact us. We can publish their picture in our Talent and Model pages. Those interested will be informed of our Terms of Service.

GLASS MACHINERY: Dihomar: Glass machinery distributor located in Germany 

DIHOMAR  Inh. C. Höft:
Waldweg 4  D-23869
Elmenhorst, Germany
Tel. 0049 - 4532  - 280  443 - Fax 0049 - 4532 - 280 486

ADVERTISING/PROMOTIONAL SERVICES: We promote models, talent, and businesses on the Internet. You can see some of our sample web pages:  Sample Web Page #1, Sample Web Page #2, Sample Web Page #3

WEB AND GRAPHIC DESIGN:  We do low cost web pages for personal use and for small companies. We will also work with you to plan a marketing strategy that will bring visitors to your website, we do submissions to many search engines. We can maintain your website and do changes as needed. We also do Résumé design and computerized typing of other text documents in English or Spanish, translations, etc.

PC SUPPORT AND PROGRAMMING: PC support (hardware and software) by phone and online. Support and programming in MS Access 97, 2000, and newer, also in Paradox 4.5 for DOS.

INVESTMENTS: We help small investors take advantage of several investment opportunities. We are looking for investors for small loans to people with good credit who will pay on monthly installments, also investors for development of new products.

WEDDINGS: We have business contacts with a wedding agency: Latin American Weddings: 6333 Woodman Ave. Suite B.  Van Nuys, California 91401.  U.S.A.
(Cross street: Victory Blvd., in San Fernando Valley, County of Los Angeles)
(818) 786-9474 -  (818) 503-4739

COLOMBIAN CULTURAL CENTER: Colombian festivals and Hispanic publications in Los Angeles County. U.S.A. Telephone/Fax: (818) 752-4956.  6002 Klump Avenue, North Hollywood, California 91606.

NON FOR PROFIT PROGRAM: We help people in great need by obtaining support from volunteers and from donations for this cause. Please click here for details about our PMCI Help Others Program.  If you would like to help please let us know.

We have a new Love Connection Personal Classifieds  page coming up. We are accepting new members and we will publish their ads soon. Pictures are required. Just send us your photo(s) and your ad and we will publish them in our site. For company advertisements use our Regular Classifieds page. Those that join us will be given the web address for the Terms of Service.

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We produced an English course for Spanish speaking people: $20 (it includes audio cassette, written version, and shipping)

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We can help you find something or someone: Find/Search Services

We provide live computer support: PC and Database Support

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