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Real Estate: Hawaii #1 - California - Colombia
- South America

Modeling: (being developed, preview here)

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Travel - Viajes - Medellín - Medellin

Entertainment: Colombian festival - La Pollera Colorá

Artists: Artists

Books: Pasaje a Pereira - Gaitanias Revueltas - Las Hijuemil y Una Noches  - Windows to Hell

Useful websites: Useful websites - Useful Links  

We do advertising for companies and individuals (We promote companies, models, artists / talent, etc.) 

We also provide services such as the following: Real Estate, Assistance with projects abroad,Personal Improvement Seminars, Advertising of Personal Classified Ads, Hypnotherapies, Hypnosis, Advertiser Classifieds Ads, People Search Agent Representative, and a contact for other companies such as Dihomar (a glass machinery parts reseller)

We provide numerous services internationally. También hablamos Español y tenemos asociados que hablan Alemán.

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We promote businesses, models, and artists / talent. We provide classified ads, help very poor people, and much more. You are invited to visit our Classifieds page.

Nosotros brindamos numerosos servicios: promovemos negocios, modelos y artistas / talento. Proveemos avisos clasificados, ayudamos gente muy pobre y mucho más. Los invitamos a que visiten nuestra página de Clasificados.
Some of our other web sites/pages (some are for sale): Cesarusa, Calu Rivero,, Pasaje a Pereira, and we keep growing! Some of our domain names are available for sale. Real Estate: We work with full service real estate agents affiliated with their own licensed real estate agencies (we do not charge added commission for the referrals since they collaborate with us): Real Estate page

Some of our clients: Direct Casket West Coast, Sensible Alternative Funeral ServicesZarza Enterprises, Pollera Colorá, La Pollera Colorá, La Pollera, Modeling: Women, Girls, Men, Boys, Modeling, Beautiful, Photos, Pretty, Talent, Audition Request Form Models and aspiring models: Adrian #1, Adrian #2Andrea, ChristianDayana Paola, Diana, Dominique, Dylan, Edward, Erika Magnolia, Marcela, Natalia M, Monica G., Sabrina, Stephanie C., XimenaYenny A, Yuliana

Pages reserved for models and artists: Stephanie B., Mary Johana, Paola, Tara
Musicians, Singers, Artists, Stunt Artists : Artists page, Alci Acosta, Calu Rivero, Daniela, Jimmy Lynn Davis, Karla Alvarez, Luis Felipe González, Charlie D' Cali, Zona Prieta, Stephanie B


Become financially independent (Ask us how)  

Actors / Actresses (fan pages): Calu Rivero, Danna Garcia, Karla Alvarez Travel: Travel - Viajes, Viajes - Travel Services provided by other companies: Dihomar, Repair and sales of industrial sewing machines, Catering, Limousines, Weddings, "Windows to Hell" book, Serphone Shopping: Classifieds, Jewelers, Ordering, Products, Services, Books, Book #1, Book #2
Investments: Investments page, Income Tax, News, Newsletter Advertising: We publish classified ads.

Computers: We provide Information Systems Consulting and computer repair

Employment: Employment page, Job Assistance, Jobs Wanted Humanitarian Aid: Page on Humanitarian Assistance Consumer and legal protection:,  Activism Dancing (We do nightclub promotions): Pollera Colorá, Mama Juana's, Dancing Useful tools: Height Conversion Chart, Nicknames

   Photos and some videos for sale (fotos y videos para la venta) in CD/DVD: 
1) New York: Prior to 9/11 with views of the twin towers from the Empire State building.
2) Colombian festivals in California (several years, several videos)
3) Cali, Colombia as of about 1997, includes the Pance River and on the road shots of the city and shopping centers.
4) Cuban festival in Long Beach, California
5) Pereira, Colombia from around 2001 or earlier
6) Los Angeles from around the year 2000, on the road (freeways and street), streets of Beverly Hills, etc. Photos of Los Angeles are available too.
7) Photos and videos of Quito, Ecuador
Interior Decoration: Viviana Designs Seminars: To signup for seminars on relationship/dating skills (improvement) please Contact Us 

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Country information, visas, travel information (Información de países, visa, información de viaje):

For additional information please use the links and descriptions below: Español CesarCalifornia Humanitarian Aid Dihomar Hypnotherapies Notary Public

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Zarza Fútbol

Serphone Pollera Colorá Pollera Colorá Stunts Available Available Weight Loss Welcome Available    Available    Available Available   MODELING (Páginas sobre modelaje) Natalia (fan page) Autorizaciones modelo Monica Sabrina Dylan Supermodelus Stephanie Stephanie C. Yuliana Modelos Alice and Pamela Modeling 1- Model Releases 2- Model Release 3- Model Release 4- Model Release Models - Talent Modeling #2 Photos Modeling #3 Supermodels Request Audition Male Models Models: Girls Pretty Diana Solicitud de Audición Ximena Christian Edward Mary Johana Adrian Leonardo Alice Andrea  

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Cesar International- SuperModelus - César

Links Real Estate (Bienes Raíces):
We have close contact with people that are independent Real Estate agents in California and Oahu, Hawaii. These agents can help you find, buy, and finance Real Estate property. Just contact us for details: CUSAint@,

We can help you obtain home loans and purchase Real Estate at many U.S.A. states (not just California).
Real Estate

Independent work

Modeling: (Modelaje) ,, Cesar,, Sample Modeling Site 1, Sample modeling web site #2
We welcome new and experienced models.  We can promote you by publishing your photos in our web sites (you provide the photos or we can refer you to a professional photographer). Prior to being able to publishing your photos we need you to sign a Model Release Form

You can also request an audition. Please use our  Audition Request Form  to do that. Please send it to us by e-mail. Use the words "model" or "modeling" in the subject line. Place include photos (if you can).
Telephone: (please repeat your contact info).

PROJECTS ABROAD: We assist with your plans at Abroad Projects   Hypnotherapy (In English and Spanish): (Hipnoterapias)
Hypnosis being used for vocational and avocational therapy.  Stop or reduce smoking, drinking and other bad habits, we help you with weight control/loss, fears/phobias, we do dream therapy, handwriting analysis, etc. For details just click here:  Hypnotherapy

Information Systems/Technology Consulting
We can provide IT Consulting, computer repair, and database programming.
Dihomar  Inh. C. Höft  
Glass machinery and their parts:

Waldweg 4 D-23869. Elmenhorst. Germany                         
Tel. : 0049 - ( 0 ) 4532 280 443
Fax : 0049 - ( 0 ) 4532 280 486
 - Dihomar page 2

Círculo Cultural Colombiano (Colombian Cultural Circle)
Founders of the Colombian festivals in Los Angeles County and of El Colombiano USA newspaper. 

They also produce Hispanic books for sale and hold meetings with the Colombian community. Founded and directed by Dukardo Hinestrosa.
6002 Klump Ave. North Hollywood, California 91606.
(818) 752-4956.
English and Spanish Courses:   (818) 206-0481
We sell English and Spanish language courses in audio cassettes and CDs.
Video Recording and Photography   (818) 206-0481
We offer video recording and photography services for events, models, and individuals who want to demonstrate their talents.
Confidence building (Shyness Diminishment) Seminars
We provide seminars/courses to people who are afraid of speaking to others, afraid of approaching people of the opposite sex. One on one and group courses and seminars are available.  Personal improvement courses and Hypnotherapy (hypnosis being used for personal improvement) sessions are also available.

To meet other people you could place your personal ad with us. We can also introduce you to people in South America.
Business promotion
We can refer customers to you.
Your Ad here
You can promote your business here.
Su aviso aquí
Nosotros podemos promover su negocio aquí .
Book: Windows to Hell (Ventanas al Infierno)
A book about real life stories of jailed people.  Very important to give to youth so that the stay away from drugs and crime.

Un libro sobre las vidas de personas que estan en prisión.  Muy importante para aconsejar a los jovenes a alejarse de las drogas y el crimen.

Please order by e-mail at: CUSAint@ or by regular air mail.
Windows to Hell

Ventanas al Infierno


We help very poor people (with no money, with many children, unemployed, disabled, elderly, etc.).  If you would like to join us or help please let us know.   We specially try to help the people of Colombia and plan to expand to many other countries.

Help Others

USCIS, INS (US Immigration):  Private help/assistance (non-official) about immigration.  In English and Spanish. USCIS - INS
Latin American Weddings
Bodas Latinoamericanas - Van Nuys, San Fernando Valley, California.
Alliance Star Limousine  (Servicio de Limosina)
Telephones: (818) 402-5819, (877) 942-3552

Open 24-7.  Serving All Areas, Special Events.  All New Fully Loaded 1-23 Passengers.
Stretch, SUV's, Sedans, Hummer, Vans, Mercedes, Excursions, Navigator.
Includes Wet Bar, Strobe Lights, Laser Lights, Exotic Lights, Fog Machine, DVD / TV, and CD Player.
We make basic web sites and use business partners for advanced web sites.  They also do graphic design and technical drawings.  
Your could have your ad published on some of our pages! Classifieds
We welcome your comments and suggestions.


Jimmy Lynn Davis
Stunts for movies
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