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CesarUSA - Software

CesarUSA Software:

We released some of our software. We wish they will be useful to you.

New versions and programs will arrive in the near future.





The CesarUSA.com's Clipboard is a very easy to use Windows desktop clipboard program that allows the user to store text clips so that he can reuse them. If the Capture button is turned on then the program automatically stores every text clip being stored in the Windows Clipboard. The user can erase the undesirable saved clips or turn off the automatic capture and use the manual storage of text pieces. There are times when a person needs to type something very often. Then he would benefit from saving that text clip to be able to paste it instead of typing it over and over again. The program has buttons and menus that allow the user to interact with the program.

How to save content into the Clipboard:
you simply paste the text (select, copy, and paste) into the top box of the Clipboard window and then press the "Add Entry" button. The keyboard shortcut for copying something with the keyboard is the pressing of the Control (Ctrl) and C keys in the keyboard (simultaneously or hold the Ctrl key and then press the c key. The keyboard shortcut for pasting texts is Ctrl v.

You can remove entries in the keyboard by selecting the cell in the CesarUSA Clipboard and pressing the "Remove Selected" button.

The "Clear" button clears the top input box. You can reuse the contents of the top input box to create several versions of the text to be added to the cells.

The "Capture Clipboard Data " submenu item in the Tools menu will automatically capture the content that you place in the Windows Clipboard (such as when you select a text and press the Ctrl c keys on the keyboard) and places the content into one of the cells of the CesarUSA Clipboard. This feature is turned off by default, but you can turn it on so that it always captures the texts that you copy to the Windows Clipboard. For captures of other items such as images you should use the Advanced Clipboard Manager in the Tools menu.

The "Capture" menu provides additional capture features: 1) the user can capture a portion of the screen (if selected the user would need to select the desired region by clicking on the screen and holding the left mouse button as the mouse is moved downwards and to the right and then releasing the button when reaching the end of the selection), 2) the capture of the inside of a window (this is going to be modified so that the whole window is captured), 3) the quick capture of a web page you are looking at or the one you indicate in the Clipboard's address bar (the user can select the type of image file and where to save the file).

The "Add Entry" button adds the contents of the input box of the CesarUSA Clipboard and places them in one of the cells of the CesarUSA Clipboard so that the user could click on the cell to paste that content as many times as desired.

The "Remove Selected" button removes the contents of the selected cell. If you see that you no longer need the contents of a cell then you can click on the cell once to select it and then press the "Remove Selected" button.

The "Clear Windows System Clipboard" menu item lets the user erase the contents of the Windows Clipboard.

The "Backup" menu item saves the contents of the CesarUSA Clipboard to an internal default file.

The "Restore" menu items allow the user to retrieve the contents of a saved CesarUSA Clipboard file and load them to the CesarUSA Clipboard.

The "Save Clipboard Data to File" menu item saves the contents of the Windows Keyboard in a plain text (txt) file. Therefore it will not work for content in the Windows Clipboard that is not text.

The "Preview Clipboard Data" shows the user the contents of the Windows Clipboard.

The Talking Clipboard captures texts that has been stored in the Windows Clipboard and places it in its own window. Then you can use the buttons in the Talking Clipboard window to have the program read the text to you in the Microsoft's Ana agent's voice.

Virtual Keyboard: This function activates an onscreen keyboard.


Sound Recorder: This function activates a window from where sounds can be recorded.

Advanced Clipboard Manager: This function allows the capture of audio, drag and drop files into the program, capture html (web addresses appear at the Text menu item), capture imagenes, and capture texts (RTF and plain texts). What you capture is automatically placed in the section the item belongs to. To see what you have captured you click on the plus sign in the tree items. Then a list of captures appear. If you select an item you have captured then its contents appear in the window below.


The Visit menu allows you to visit some of the CesarUSA Internet pages: 1) the CesarUSA Clipboard page, 2) the CesarUSA.com software page, and 3) the main CesarUSA.com page.

The version released on 4/30/13 add some new exciting features such as an advanced clipboard window, a shortcot to the Windows on-screen keyboard, email features.


For more information please send us an email to: CUSAint@ Gmail.com


CesarUSA Clipboard


Download the trial version (exe file) of CesarUSA Clipboard from us - currently in version is 1.8

Download the trial version in a compresed format (rar file). It will need to be decompressed.

CesarUSA Clipboard


Please click on this link to go to www.Paypal.com and issue a payment for $8 plus the California tax if applicable, (that tax is for California customers only and might not be required until the law that requires the payment of California taxes for internet purchases requires it) to: CUSAint@ Gmail.com and then please send us an email to CUSAint@ Gmail.com with the following registration information:

1) Your contact information (full name, address, email, and phone)

2) How you heard about our software (Download.com, Softpedia, etc.)

3) Your purchase information (date, time, and purchase code from Paypal, if any)

4) Your software information (name, version, the Site Code and MID code from the first screen that appears when starting the program)


That way we can send you the activation code. Generally, we send the activation codes during business hours and normally within 24 hours.

Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2 - Screenshot 3

Screenshots by Softpedia


Version 1.8 was released on 6/28/13. While on the Advanced Clipboard Manager window the user can select one or more image files with Windows Explorer (without opening them), do Ctrl C to copy them to the Windows Clipboard and those will be loaded into the tree menu of the Advanced Clipboard Manager. This version also fixes the settings part of the email feature. This program only sends emails, does not yet receive them, but does not keep a copy of the sent files. We intend to provide the ability to save the sent files.

Version 1.7 was released on 6/23/13. It fixes the Capture Clipboard Data feature that had stopped working. It also includes fixes to the Advanced Clipboard Manager.

Version 1.6 was released on 4/30/13 and adds a shortcut to the Windows on-screen keyboard, an advanced keyboard window, and email features.

Version 1.5 was released on 4/20/13 and includes improvements in the screen captures: 1) it adds the capture of a region in the screen, 2) the inner part of the active window, 3) full screen.

Version 1.4 was released on 4/18/13. It contains minoor fixes and adds an additional menu for screen captures as explained above.

Version 1.3 was released on 4/12/13. It adds a Context Menu (right click menu, menu upon right clicking on the program's window) that has the following functions: Paste, Edit, Save As, Print, Remove from List, Change Text Color of List, Change Background Color of List, and Change Text Font of List. It has a Print menu that includes the following choices: Print Settings, Print Preview, and Print.

Version 1.2 was released on 4/10/13. It adds the Talking Clipboard feature and fixes some issues that were discovered in version 1.1.

Version 1.1 was released on 4/7/13. It adds a menu that provides added functionality.

Version 1.0 was released on 4/2/13 and contains the basic functionality.


We appreciate suggestions, complaints, and comments that help improve our software and web site.