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Employment Service (Servicio de Empleo)

We provide staff to companies and help candidates find jobs.

Companies: please provide jobs to be filled, salary or salary range, location(s), commission paid (i.e. percentage) for finding the candidate(s), and other pertinent details.

Candidates: please send us your resume or CV, current location, where able to relocate, the salary you are looking for, and availability (including if full time, part-time, intern, etc.). We can translate your resume and other documents.

We offer translation, proofreading services, real estate sales, etc.

Email: CUSAint Gmail.com

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CesarUSA.com provides on-demand talent, software-as-a-service, talent-as-a-service, full-time hires, part-time hires, contractors, a varied workforce that includes IT staffing and staff for customer support over the phone, staff who speak English and/or Spanish. We can provide staff and contractors who can do application development / programming, etc. Experienced coders, website designers, graphic designers, customer support representative, etc. We can provide on-demand software development. We specialize in C++ and in .Net. We have a flexible workforce and we are flexible. You can hire them from us or you can hire them thru services such oDesk, Elance, OnForce, Freelancers.com, etc.

There is a big demand for contractors. There is a freelance marketplace you can take advantage of. IT companies, companies that sell online. The industry in general benefit from short-term employees. There are cost and productivity benefits in the short-term employment area. We fill your diverse needs for staff. The on-demand hiring is a great way to do it. We provide the workforce of the future.

There is a talent-as-a-service (TaaS) movement happening in the world. You can get access to talent in real time via our staffing service and you can also hire our staff thru online workplaces. Thru us you can quickly find and hire skilled workers on an as-needed basis. Online workplaces are a new source of global talent. Flexible staffing is also more cost effective. You can bring on skilled professionals for short-term assignments. Talent tapped from online marketplaces. Hiring companies need to be assured that projects will be completed on time and on budget. CEOs and other C-level executives should think about TaaS as a way to bring on additional talent to scale up or down to meet their business needs.

They need to augment their staff for a big roll-out. Other companies may look to TaaS to help sustain certain product lines while existing full-time employees focus on other initiatives.

There is a demand for people who know how to manage remote teams, a need for online project managers (PMs). Clients who have hired PMs tell us that constant and consistent communication is paramount, whether it be through daily check-ins via Skype or regular screen shares. Over-sharing, in most cases, is critical to success. We can help you find the staff you are looking for. We specialize in the USA and Colombian locations.

Please contact us for details and assistance.

CUSAint@ Gmail.com - OahuBienes (Gmail.com)


Servicio de empleos

Nosotros proveemos candidatos de empleo a compañias y ayudamos a los candidatos a encontrar trabajo.

Empresas: favor de enviarnos los empleos disponibles, salarios o rango de salario para cada posicióm, lugares de trabajo, comisión que se le paga a la agencia y otros detalles pernitentes.

Candidatos: favor de enviarnos su resume u hoja de vida, lugar en donde se encuentra, adonde estaría dispuesto a mudarse, salario que busca y disponibilidad (incluyendo si tiempo completo, tiempo parcial, interno, etc.). Podemos traducir resumes/hojas de vida y otros documentos.

Ofrecemos el servicio de traducciones, corrección textos, venta de propiedad horizontal, etc.

Email: CUSAint (Gmail.com)

Nuestra página de bienes inmobiliarios en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OahuRealEstateHi