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We provide numerous services.  We promote businesses, models, and talent. Some of our other services  include: database programming, web design, video CD/DVD production, digital and analog video recording, photography, etc. Our headquarters are located in California, U.S.A.

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You can view the Index Here. Our home site is: http://www.CesarInternational.com. Aspiring models are encouraged to contact us. We can publish their picture in our Talent and Model pages. Those interested will be informed of our Terms of Service.

ADVERTISING, PROMOTIONAL SERVICES: We promote models, talent, and businesses on the Internet. We are always looking for new models, talent, other individuals and businesses that need more promotion. You can see one or our samples:  Sample Web Page #1, Sample Web Page #2, Sample Web Page #3 .

We have an Alternative to the Model Release Forms provided above  or you can use a standard form used in the modeling industry.

For a reply, please leave a message at: https://www.facebook.com/OahuRealEstateHi or write to us: CUSAint  Gmail.com 

TRANSLATIONS THRU SOFTWARE, TEXT EDITING, AND RESUME REVIEWS:  We provide very fast translations thru software that can be used as the basis for manual transactions. We also do resume reviews and error corrections on texts.

INVESTMENTS:  We assist investors so that they can take advantage of several investment opportunities such as for real estate, new products, and software.

NON FOR PROFIT PROGRAM:  We help individuals and families who are in great need. We appreciate the assistance of volunteers and donors. Please click here for details about our PMCI Help Others Program.  If you would like to help please let us know.

We have a new Love Connection Service. We are accepting new members. Please let us know if you are interested

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