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We offer numerous services and products including promotion of businesses, models, and artists/talent on the Internet. We can also refer you to agents that sell Real Estate, others that provide hypnotherapy, do graphic design, make videos from events, photography, résumé design (printed and online), alarm installations, etc. - Hollywood Themed Page

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Study Navigator: (research in multiple search engines)

On helping others: Humanitarian Assistance

Discovery Health: 
Climate Crisis, Save the planet: Inconvenient Sequel

Net Neutrality: Protect our Internet:

Age Calculator (a few bugs were found though): 
Age Calculator and events at several ages of your life: 
Birthday card age calculator:
Age Calculator (some bugs) and other calculators: 

Altavista:      Hotmail: 
MSN:                   Google:

Yahoo People Search: 

Maps (MapQuest):  Maps (Mapblast):  

MapQuest:     Maps on us: 

Map24 (Java based): 

Free Annual Credit Report: 

Celebrity photos: 

Are you hot or not?: 

Phone area code finder: 
Search by Area Code, Zip, city, City & State: 
Phone directories:

Reverse lookup, white pages, yellow pages, etc.: 
People search: 
Good People finder: 

Mailing Lists: 

Chilean and other Hispanic models: 

Excite home page:   Excite Maps:
Excite Voice chat: 
Web shots (pictures): 

X10 products
(mini-cameras, etc.) for home and business (to subscribe to their mail in promotions, $15 coupon): 
X10 Homepage (home surveillance cameras, etc.):


Blind date photo personals and slide show:

Classifieds2000: http://www.Classifieds2000/ 

Check e-mail from any POP3 server (i.e. Earthlink):

CNET:          CNET download:  

ZDNet:       ZDNet downloads: 

Expedia (travel site): 

Map web sites: driving directions (maps): 

Jobs in the computer industry:
Job hunt:
Government Jobs in California (good): 
L.A. Co Website: 
L.A.C.O. Dept Mental Health:

Career Builder Job search: 

Recycler Classifieds:        Recycler Autos:

Hotel discounts in USA:

Web Dorm:

Hot deals: (Radio stations, etc.):

Radio Player (Java based):


Audio reviews:



Bell Labs Projects: 

Calendar Live:

Sidewalk: Local content site, select your area:

American Latinos in TV: 

Los Angeles County Home Page:
Los Angeles County general jobs:
See also: job hotline is: (800) 970-LIST (5478):
Los Angeles Jobs (not many jobs, throughout California):

Invaluable References (Reference Desk):

Reference Desk Editor Picks:
Reference Desk: Free Web Page sites:
Reference Desk:
Free Web access providers are listed:

To add a search engine to your Web site in 10 minutes:

Federal Statistics:

Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guide:

Commerce Business Daily (Government Contracts):

Los Angeles (other cities and states are available):

Legal information:

Application Development Trends (computers) magazine:

PDA software (pick which ones): Palm, Newton, etc.:


Real Estate Search:
A site for home owners/buyers:

The guide relating to California and Greater Los Angeles:

Hotel room reservation online: 

Travel Hero:

A recent general use web site, not as complete:

Department of Health Services in Los Angeles:

Pitfalls of converting between Word and WordPerfect:

U.S. Patent Boolean Search Page:
To do patent searches:

Internet World magazine page:

To trace internet routes, domain registration, and other tools:

Network tutorials:

Free web page to people and businesses:

Organized long list of free and shareware software:

Freeware software (no nags):

List of recommended software sites:


Los Angeles Times newspaper: 

L.A. Times Site Map:

L.A. Times Jobs (L.A., National, Job Fairs, Post Resume, etc):

Apartments:    Apartment search: CityLink:



Fighting aging:

Free Internet software (shareware, etc. good ones):

PC to Phone Internet Calls. Also look for phone to phone internet calls:

Photos of people, etc., become a member and submit photos if you want.

Scientific American Magazine: 

To learn XML:

Corel WordPerfect 6.1 support:

Bikinis at:

MZLine: (Free Wordpress Blog Hosting (WMPU))

Venezuela up to date (South America):

Olive View Hospital (California):

Tons of Job listings in Los Angeles:  

Mundo Latino (Latino World):

Good music:

CarPoint car video gallery:

Microsoft Encarta: 

Virtual tours (real estate, etc.):

For Internet video content:

Search engine:

Northern Light search engine:

Web hosting, etc.:

Microsoft Agent (for Animated Characters):

MedScape: (medical information):

The Free site:

Free Personals:

Love/dating at FreeWire (United Kingdom):
Love City (personals):

Free software:
Free software:

Free web hosting:

Other free stuff:

Free talk on the Internet:

TreeWay: FreeWeb Site:



Travel price matcher (you name your price). For instructions:

Natural History Museum of L.A. County: (213) 763-DINO:

Los Angeles County Digest and employment:

General County job listing:

Free talking dictionary from Encarta: 

Network settings switchboard software: 

Free Internet Long Distance: 


Network wizard: 

Firewall and Proxy Server How To: 

Network setup: 

Click 2 Talk: To connect people from PC to phones, etc.:

A beautiful web site:

Ensenada (events), Baja California, Mexico (events): 

L.A. Weekly (Events in Los Angeles): 

The Travel Site: 

Los Angeles Downtown: 

L.A. Free Classifieds: 

SalsaWeb:     Salsa music videos for sale:
L.A. Salsa Kids: 

Pharmaceutical products: for hair loss, to loose weight, advice: 

Wired News: 

Hotel prices (it may be a little higher than other sites): 

Visiting cities (travel): 

To have a credit card merchant account on the Internet: 

ViaTV Video Phones (8x8) (somewhat high priced): 

Free Phone calling within the U.S. (On networks the firewall blocks transmission): 

VideoPhone store: (Prices are higher than original manufacturers, but it lists many of them): 

TeleEye (good videophones, etc.):

Continental Airlines:    Southwest Airlines:
Northwest Airlines: 

Vacation Spots: 

PC shopping sites listed: A-J (from Computer,7171,2424833,00.html 
PC shopping sites K-Z:,7171,2426103,00.html

Las Vegas Tour (you will need to download a 360 degree video player): 

MSN Computing Central: 

People search: (Yellow Pages, Name Search, E-Mail Search): 


Money Tools (financial calculators, etc.): 

File sharing on the Internet: Imesh:    Gnutella: 

To write to L.A. Times for the Cutting Edge column: 

InfoSpace (for Yellow and White pages search, etc.): 

Traffic info: 

USA Today newspaper: 
Business Opportunities (to work by yourself): 

Dating (restricted access in certain companies): 

I-Spy Web cameras around the globe:

Locate dot com:  

Free phone calling:  

Education (tutorials, networking, etc.):  


MSN Home Advisor (you can get house listings e-mailed to you): 

File exchange sites:           Scour: 

Stroud (software): : 

Tucows Network (software): 

Photo developing ordered thru the Internet:  

Free ISP compared: which recommended: 

Top 100 real estate sites: 

Celebrity actresses: 

Great help on MSN:   Encarta dictionary:

Hotels in Las Vegas (many listed w/maps): 

For singles looking for love:  

California Department of Motor and Vehicles:     

Currency conversion:  or   or 

Travel guide with currency conversion: 

For the bored:     Netbored video: 

White papers on International business: 

Search education (dictionaries, etc.): 

Reference page (good): 

L.A. Times Archives since 1990:, people searches: 

Spelling of any phone or number: 

MapBlast: Create your own map (ATM locations too): 

Model Cafe (Models): Elle McPherson:

A Spanish language site: 

Names for Babies: 

Meaning of names: 

Tons of downloads available: 

Experts answering questions for free:


Southwest Itinerary building: 

Web Medicine: 

Acne Assasin: 

Site for cars (sales): from Microsoft: 

Microsoft Reader Home Page: 
MS Reader Add-in for Word: 

Internet Personals:       Pay My Bills:  

Internet Phone Hardware for Desktop Computers:

Recording and creating music on a PC (good site): 

Voice mail: 

Reverse lookups: 

Free Web pages: 

EZ link (for connecting PCs using USB cable device): 

Free resources (in Spanish): 

Free Club: 

Phone Numbers: (Find Anyone, anywhere): 

Latin World (Colombia): 

Free fax without requisites: 

Fax over the Internet: 
Internet Fax (Mexico) at low prices: 
Internet fax: 

Fax from PC at low cost: 

Free Call Center software: 

Free web space (dedicated to females): 

Free or low priced web space and email: 
WebHostMe (Ok for FrontPage and MS Access): 

NBC TV channel (U.S.A.): 

Search of e-mail lists: 

Multiple search engines: 


Height and weight conversion to get BMI (Body Mass Index): 

Las Vegas vacations: 

Networking tutorial (Flash is used): 

Network tutorials Home page (and sub-page for network topologies: 

Working World Magazine:

La Opinion Newspaper (California):

Bonzi home (great software): 

RemoteBot (Shareware): 

New Times L.A. (Los Angeles) Newspaper: 

Buying and selling: 
(to sell accepting credit cards they charge 3.5% plus 0.35 per transaction. Limit sale price: $1200)

WebOpedia (meaning of words): 

Rocket Download (Great site) for downloads: 

"Sandra" PC test software:

Long distance phone rates comparison: 


Springsteet (apartment search, etc.): 

Caracas, Venezuela:

Small Claims Court Forms (U.S.A.): 

MapQuest Maps: 

Posters for sale: 

L.A. Downtown Newspaper: 

California State Universities: 


Tons of tips: Web design, Networking, etc: 

The Java Tutorial (free): 

FrontPage Server Extensions information: 

Mired magazine: 

Information Week magazine: 

Hard disk info, software download: 

Virus list: List for the ones that start with the letter "B" (change letter as needed): 

Number of hits on web sites, etc: 

The memory center (to buy them): 

A Newton web site with lots of links: 

PDA direct (to buy PDA stuff): 
PDA info: 

Planet download (good): 

Computer User Magazine: 

Nice page under construction:

Free Immigration forms: 

PC World Magazine:

Celebrity photos: 

Stars online (celebrities), some extra info (i.e. Salma Hayek): 

Entertainment Sleuth: Best supermodels, etc: 


The LinK: Connects casting directors with talent: 

Future casting (models, talent): 
Accurate casting: 
Contempo Models (some pictures): 
Hollywood web (some pictures): 
Asian models Net: 
Black light (nice web, copyright control features): 
Casting America (good): 
Virtual Casting: 
Pageantry magazine: 
Fashion shows: 
Casting America pricing: 
Atlantis Entertainment: 
Casting You: 
Talentos (talents): 
Talentos (posters): 

Financial Calculators: 

BellSouth people and business search: 

Mesa people search: 

E-mail addresses search: 
Internet Address Finder: 
People search: 
Yahoo Address Book: 

Change of address forms: 

Personals with photos: 

National Address Server, print your address with barcode: 
Satellite Address (to Find TV and radio stations): 

GTE superpages (phones, etc.): 

US Postal Service: 
National Address and Zip+4 Browser:

Pacific Bell Smart Yellow Pages: 
For Yellow Pages use SmartPages: 

People Search: 
Reverse search in several engines: 

WWW Indexes: 

Free compilers:

Female celebrities, models, pictures:

One and only (matchmaking for a monthly fee): 

Clip art, animations:        


California Dept of Health Services recommended web sites: 

Microsoft events (seminars, etc.):

Bigfoot search: 
WhoWhere find people: 
Lycos Communications: 
WebMonkey (re computers): 
Html Gear (for Web site improvement): 
Match Maker: 
Sonique sound player:


Commercial e-mail search: 

Xdrive (free file storage on the Internet): 

InfoSpace (it has reverse e-mail search): 

Video over the Internet: 

Internet TV (also download video players): 

Vocaltec (it has video phone software): 

Internet Video Phone download: 

Web Miles credit card program: 

Personal information management: 
On Money: 

Consumer Reports: 

Lowest Fare: 

Multiple search sites in one area: 


AOL Yellow Pages (business): 

InfoUsa (It has people search): 

Email finder: 
Email finder at AddressSearch :


People Locator Service (Investigative firm in Long Beach):

Matilda (searches): 


An Internet Mall: 

CarTrackers (buy, sell auto parts): 


Microsoft Business Central: 

Colombian Festival in U.S.A.:

Computerized music: 

Windows Media Radio Tuner:

Spoton (Internet tours): 

RemoteBot (remote file transfer): 

BigNoseBird (to build web sites): 
To build web sites: 

TV Contestants: 

Music TV: 

To send and request money (PayPal): 

Web Doctor: 
Doctor Koop: 

Discovery Health: 

TV: ABC: (it includes RealPlayer): 

Windows Media (Windows Media Player): 

The New York Times: 

Planet of Music: 


E! Online (Entertainment): 


Verizon Wireless: 

Technical Jobs: 

Television Internet: 

Great Outdoors: 

Washington Post Newspaper: 

Voice Mail for your home phone: 

American Hiking: 


50 most beautiful people: 

Have your own group board: 

Ancestry: name search: 
Ancestor Search: 
Family History: 

U.S. Visa News:

Southwest Airlines:  


Microsoft Office Services: 

Make your PC a virtual VCR: 

Faster browsing: 

Computers: Active Server Pages: 
ASP sites resource guide: 

Free ASP web hosting (use for file sharing). For personal use only: 

Nice web page (click on picture): 
(figures following the cursor)

Nice effect on a web page: 

Salsa singer: 

Salsa music radio from Los Angeles: 
Salsa radio from Los Angeles: 
Salsa music from New York (La Mega 97.9): 
Salsa music from Miami (El Zol 95,7): 

Salsa music products: 

Buy, sell, trading: 

Timeshare calculator:

News placed in your personal home page:  

Good Sample of web site: 


Internet News: 

E-commerce guide: 




Department of Public Social Services (U.S.A.): 

Kinko's (printing):  

BottomDollar shopping (prices searched on other sites): 

Game contests: 

People to People: 

Web accelerator:


For those moving/relocating: 

MediaRing:    Media Ring: 

Bookmark Portal: 

Money matters: 

A financial resource center: 

Internet Call Manager: 

Comptroller of the ... National Banks (it oversees bank practices): 

Anonymous surfing on the Internet: 

Iwon Maps:,11828,,00.html 

Citibank (U.S.A.):  

Dr. Dobb's Journal (programming): 

Digital Video:  See also: 

Entertainment (great site, 3D animations): 

Exposition Guide: 
Trade show exposition listings: 
Online expositions: 

NCSA Mosaic (to download viewer): 

Direct Hit: 

Montagar Personal Ads: 

Personal ads (restricted by firewalls): 

DateNet personals: 

Top sites listing and more (click on "Our Links"): 

Muscle toner: 

Chat over IP: 

Baby names:

Aimster (file sharing): 
Freenet (file sharing): 

Music Buddha (a music recommendation service site): 

GigaBeat (digital media personalization and delivery): 

Hoovers ("The Business Network", city guides for travelers, etc.): 

CCNow (Buy/sell on the Internet, 9% commission (8% during holiday season) on each sale, no other costs): 

Web searches: 

Celebrity Wallpapers: 

A bill payment service: 
A bill payment service: 


The Internet Music Database (IMDB): 

How stuff works: 

Tickets (U.S.A): 


Model Network:

The city (in Spanish): 

Directory Pages (Yellow, White, Free, etc.): 

Firetalk (talk over the Internet):     eCircles (it uses Firetalk): 
The Nursing Network (it uses Firetalk): 

Improve the position of your site when people makes searches: 

Internal Revenue Service (U.S.A.): 

Travel Hero: 

City information: 

Sample of a Tiger Map Service Map: 

Fred Sands Property search (Real Estate): 

Century 21 Property search (Real Estate): 

Re/Max (Real Estate): 

Free web site redirection (forwarding): 

Radio Station Locator: 
Lycos Music: 
Yahoo Radio:  

Iwon radio:,16111,radio,00.html 

MSN and Hotmail E-mail search (International): 

MSN and Hotmail reverse people search: 

Credit card ratings: 

Do It Yourself (it includes videos): 


The INS Online: 

International white pages: 

White pages (in Spanish): 

International finder: 

Online companion with privacy features: 

Dial-around long distance: 
Dial-around long distance (higher rates):

PhotoReading (for fastest speed reading): 

To attend shows: 

America Online: 
AOL White Pages: 

Photo Personals from AOL: 

The famous of Hollywood: 

Modeling for babies: 
A modeling school: 
How to model: 


Video conferencing software for a price (free demonstration): 



Facts on Childhood Diseases: 

Skin and medical conditions/diseases: 

Internet Answering Machine:

County of Los Angeles Law Enforcement Agencies: 

Free or low priced phone services: 

Photos, etc.: 

To build web traffic:  

To build web traffic (my referral code): 

Make your site a flash site for a yearly price: 

Post what you are willing to pay for what you want: 

Videos streamed to you: 

Get paid to browse, etc.:   

How not to pay taxes legally (fees for the information and forms): 

Java code to build web sites: 

California Dept of Insurance: 

Provider of universal communications software in Java: 

U.S. Embassy in Colombia: 

The Super Promoter: 

Photos of famous models at: 

Great video player: 


Affiliate programs:


Photos of missing children: 

A general purpose site: 

Great site for celebrity photos: 

Great search engine (photos, etc): 


Ezines (electronic magazines): 

Free stuff: 

Beautiful women screensavers (access restricted by firewalls): 

Celebrities (some pages restricted by firewalls):

Clip art: 

Check for domain name availability: 

Yahoo Maps: 

Casting (jobs) for TV and Movies: 

Aspiring Film Star site: 

California Fair Plan (insurance): 

Audiences Unlimited: 
To be a seat filler: 

Electronic Book software: 

People lookup/search: 

Internet Radio: 
You can pay to play music (to be a DJ) on the net.

To meet people: 


Send secure e-mail messages (using SSL): 

Dial free calls: 

Medical images: 

Speed your Internet connection free: 

Photoprinting online: 
Photoprinting online: 
Photoprinting online: 

Recycler Ads Placed: 

Aids, cancer, etc. cures: 

Science Magazine (browse headlines, paid membership): 

PC Magazine: 

Newspaper and magazine database: 

CA Dept of Health Services: 

Los Angeles: 
Los Angeles: 
CBS TV Channel 2: 


Software to create music: 

American Medical Assn. Search: 

Computational Science: Access Magazine: 

Byte Magazine: 

Rollingstone Magazine: 


Update your PC (will not work behind a firewall): 

Scripts for your website: 

Frequent Flyer programs: 

Good article on SCSI: 

Web site about Colombia: 

Colombian Newspapers: 

About Colombia: 

POP3 Gateways (very intersting): 

Groupwise connectivity: 

Information Technology: 

To get points for purchases: 

Cultural Events: 

A Government's health site: 


Pharmaceutical Information Network: 

The Search Engine for Health and Medicine: 

University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center: 

Physician's Online: 

Medscape (medical): 

The Doctor's Guide to the Internet: 

Physician's Guide to the Internet: 

Yahoo's Lists of Medical Conferences: 

Yahoo's List of Health: News: 

Medical Information (kept private): 

Health help: 


L.A. Quality and Productivity Commission: 
L.A. County Stores: 

Like Television: 
Worldwide Internet TV: 

A lot of good stuff at:  such as links to celebrity sites

A good site: 

Yahoo TV Coverage: 

Very nice: 

TV Guide Magazine: 


Hola Mujer: 
Cromos Magazine: 


Show Business: 

Celebrity photos: 

Latino Night Clubs: 

Free web hosting web sites: 

A free hosting site: 

Net guide (on hosting): 

Free Hosting Services (info):
Free hosting:   Free hosting and tutorials:  
Celebrity website hosting: 
Free FrontPage hosting: 
AngelFire free hosting: 

Developers sites: 

Puerto Rico (page in Spanish): 

Computer site: 
Computer Hardware site: 

Top sites:    Best sites listed: 

A community site: 

Immigration in USA: 

Easy domain transfers:
Tool to finding domain names: 
Domain name searches: 
Domain name search: 

FrontPage World: 

Rosarito, Mexico: 
Tijuana, Mexico: 
San Fernando Valley Web: 
Los Angeles: 


Official James Bond website (Effects and videos): 

Six figure income:

Get paid to receive email 
(it is recommended that you keep your personal e-mail account separate from
your business/commercial e-mail accounts)

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