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REAL ESTATE, MORTGAGES:  We invite you to visit the  World Leadership Group (WLG) web site.

To work for World Leadership Group you can go to: 
If asked, please use the following Recruiter ID: BT1503

MODELING:  We promote models, talent, and businesses on the Internet.  We are always looking for new models.

HYPNOTHERAPY: Hypnosis being used for personal improvement. For people who want to stop smoking, or drinking, for weight control/loss, fears/phobias. We also offer handwriting analysis and explain about dreams. CUSAint@ 

BOOK PUBLISHING: We help you get your texts become a real book. We recommend the following book: Windows to Hell (Bilingual Book About Real Jail Stories)

VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Digital video tapping and editing. Transfer of video to CD.  CD burning and other video-computer related services.

WEB AND GRAPHIC DESIGN:  We can provide basic low cost web pages for personal use and for small companies.  We will also work with you to plan a marketing strategy that will bring visitors to your web site(s), we do submissions to many search engines.  We can maintain your website and do changes as needed.  We can also help you with Résumé design and other documents.

PC SUPPORT AND PROGRAMMING: PC support (hardware and software) by phone and online. Support and programming in MS Access 97 and 2000, also in Paradox 4.5 for DOS.

REPAIR OF INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINES: TechniSewing: Repair and sales in San Fernando Valley, California.  Just call (818) 830-7184 to have a technician go to your factory to perform the repairs.

INVESTMENTS:  We help small investors take advantage of several investment opportunities. We are looking for investors for small loans to people with good credit who will pay on monthly installments, also investors for development of new products.

WEDDINGS: We have business contacts with a wedding agency: Latin American Weddings.  Van Nuys, California.

COLOMBIAN CULTURAL CIRCLE: Colombian festivals and Hispanic publications. (818) 752-4956.  6002 Klump Ave, North Hollywood, California, U.S.A. 91606.

GLASS MACHINERY AND PARTS FOR THEM: Dihomar: Glass machinery distributor, Germany.

ALARM INSTALLATIONS:  We have business contacts with an alarm installation company located in Rancho Cucamonga. They mostly serve the nearby and Riverside area.

ASSISTANCE TO THE NEEDY: We help people in great need by obtaining support from volunteers and from donations for this cause.  Please click here for details about our Help Others Program.  If you would like to help please let us know.

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