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Your ad here!  For as low as 5 dollars per month!

As low as $5 per month for a link, $10 per month for a paragraph, $20 for a banner, and $50 per page.

Ads with images delay download time and occupy more storage space. They are are charged at a higher rate based on size.  Text-only ads are preferred.
¡Su aviso aquí!. ¡Desde 5 dólares por mes!. 

Desde $5 por mes por un enlace, $10 por mes por un párrafo y desde $50 por página.

Los avisos con imágenes demoran el tiempo de lectura de las páginas y ocupan más espacio, por eso tienen precios más altos que dependen del tamaño. Preferimos los avisos que sólo tengan texto. 
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Promotion of businesses, models, and talent.  We provide classified ads for businesses and individuals, we help very poor people, and provide numerous services.  To visit one of our Home Pages please click here or

Modeling Web Sites: Supermodelus.com, Sample Web Site for Prospective Models

We welcome new and experienced models and artists/talent. We invite you to send you the photos that you would like to have published on our websites. We need a signed Model Release Form and to provide us your contact information. 

We are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.  Please let us know if you want your photos returned.  Please send copies, not the originals or have negatives available.  Also, please make sure you are placing sufficient stamps.

Please click here to download our Model Release Form in MS Word format 

Please click here to download our Model Release Form in Text format (txt)

You can also use our
Alternative Model Release Form or your own Model Release Form.

For details please call https://www.facebook.com/OahuRealEstateHi 

Real Estate
, Investments, Searches, Travel, Seminars,
We have English and Spanish courses on CD and tape for sale. We also provide individualized and group courses in personal improvement, to help you overcome fears/phobias, for improving your relationship/dating skills, etc.
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