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We promote businesses and individuals. Most of our work is with small businesses, professional individuals, entrepreneurs, models, and talent. Models get a free modeling page. We have several modeling web sites. If you would like to become a model we can help you promote your image worldwide. Please contact us to advertise in our web sites.
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We provide hypnotherapy (hypnosis) services

Attention models: You could receive  modeling offers from our clients and  partners! Please let us know if you would like to be one of our models by sending us an e-mail with your pictures and a Model Release Form. Or contact us by airmail or phone.

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We offer numerous services to provide a comprehensive assistance to our customers and visitors:

Real Estate sales and loans


Travel Agency and Internet Café


Paradox Programming

Investment Opportunities

Opportunities to help poor people in underdeveloped countries

and much more!

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We have staff that provide hypnosis for personal improvement

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